7 powerful ways American culture changed the world


America has been the dominant world power since World War II. Chinese propaganda claims that China will replace the United States in the new century. However, if the Chinese Communist Party is advancing in leaps and bounds, why is Mandarin not the universal language of the world? While it is true that China is the largest manufacturer in the world, the fact remains that the world considers American culture to be authentic. The Chinese way, like their products, is only a counterfeit. This is how American culture changed the world in a way that the Communists never will.

1. Jeans

The iconic American pants were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. The pants were originally developed for miners because their clothes would tear while working. Davis and Levi designed denim pants with rivets at high stress points and a button at the waist. Patented pants called jeans were worn by blue collar workers and were romanticized by Western movies. When the patent ran out, other competitors copied the science but changed the design.

The The Blue Jean goes around the world like wildfire for its practicality and style. Some countries, such as North Korea, have banned jeans because “they symbolize US imperialism.” I don’t see any country adopting Chinese pants and culture en masse.

To be fair, we might owe the world an apology for the skinny version on men (Wikimedia Commons)

2. Pop music

America has the best musical artists in the world. Nobody says “put the top 100 in China” as a Spotify playlist. When I was in Afghanistan, I told an ANA (Afghan National Army) soldier, who was listening to Michael Jackson, that the “King of Pop” passed away years ago. Not only did he not believe me, he got mad. Imagine if I would have raised the allegations against him while he was still alive. Either way, the world listens to our music even if they can’t understand it.

3. Capitalism

The theory of exchanging goods and services for money has existed since ancient times Babylon. However, America has become synonymous with the idea of ​​capitalism and free trade. The alternative is state-owned enterprises which give the illusion of private property, as in China. Either way, American trade has its weaknesses that cause recessions. By the same virtue, capitalism can also recover – and it does.

Americans are pioneers. All of the original social platforms were developed in America.

5. Internet

Speaking of what’s on the internet, the internet itself was created in America. The government developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) using computer technology already available. The first network, for all intents and purposes, was between USCLA and Stanford University. The first message sent was “Connection”, but only the first two letters arrived. The task failed successfully. Communication is always the key on the battlefield. Even now you the reader and I the author are communicating using this technology that has proliferated around the world. There isn’t a country on earth where our tech culture hasn’t reached and touched someone.

6. Airplanes

Fun fact: of the two Wright brothers, one (Orville) lived until 1948. Imagine inventing the concept of flight and then watching the Axis use it to try to take over the world. Then, at the end of the war, the US government developed the jet engine in 1939. You set out to live your dreams with your brother and it all happens during your lifetime.

7. Basketball

Baseball may have been considered “America’s hobby” for most of the 20th century. However, I see infinitely more people playing basketball than any other sport. In the military, it’s the easiest team sport to get the peloton together and get to the courts on short notice. In fact, the The military helped spread the sport to Europe and China during the World War One. The sport started out in a YMCA in Massachusetts, but is played even in developing countries around the world, even in North Korea.

Featured Image By F. Muhammad of Pixabay


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