A colorful exhibition showcases the art of Latin American culture


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – There’s a colorful art exhibit in town that’s made entirely by women. He has the support of the City of West Palm Beach and the Mexican Consulate in Miami. Its goal is to enrich people with the vibrant artistic culture that exists in Latin American countries.

Each intertwined thread tells a story. “El Hilo Conductor” is the last exhibition presented at the Box Gallery. It features the fiber arts of six women. Three from Mexico, two from Cuba and one from Uruguay.

Rina Gitlin, originally from Mexico City, is the curator.

“We found there’s a common thread, there’s an invisible thread between them. Because they have a connection,” Gitlin said. “It was a very magical exposure of the process. It was very magic because they found common ground, they understood each other, they work for the same purpose and they work with the same material.

The common thread is the means they use to construct their own identity and reassess the role of women in contemporary society. Artists used materials that no longer tied them to this role to create their art.

“This artist used supermarket bags to create something beautiful like these pieces,” Gitlin said.

The exhibit was last shown at the Mexican Consulate in Miami. The Mexican consul, Jonathan Chait, chose the city of West Palm Beach as the next stop to present it.

“Art brings people together. It not only highlights the diversity of people and understanding of that of Mexico and Latin America in general. We have all classes of people of all colors, all sizes and there is a wide variety of art that is produced,” said Box Gallery owner Rolando Chang Barrero.

“It’s not just an individual show but also really a collective experience,” Gitlin said.

The exhibition lasts until June 29.

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