American values ​​against Big-Money Realpolitik in the Journal


Like any self-respecting reader, I try not to let the editorials of The Wall Street Journal annoy me. The newspaper’s columnists are to capitalism what the Trotskyist sectarians are to socialism: malevolent fantasies who adopt such an extreme version of their doctrine of choice that it is only by accident that good judgment sometimes seeps into their pronouncements. Of course, the views they express carry far more weight than those of their Trotskyist counterparts, but that’s because most American capitalists are more prone to extremism than most American socialists.

But my well-honed Log despite the defense mechanisms, I find that a line of one Log last month’s editorial struck a chord with me. It is an op-ed chastising the Biden administration for its excessive concern for human rights and even the sanctity of life when it comes to its dealings with Saudi Arabia. As the paper says (and it is do not the passage that stuck with me, “Mr. Biden and his advisers say it’s all about human rights. They rode to town on a high horse regarding the 2018 Riyadh-orchestrated killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.” Note the deflection of blame from de facto Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman, whom the CIA has identified as the person who ordered Khashoggi’s killing, in the words “orchestrated Riyadh.”)

The ‘Saudi mess’ of Biden’s failure to curry favor with MBS, the Log continued, “underscores the failure of Mr. Biden’s brand of righteous liberal internationalism.” Then came the sentence I can’t get rid of:

President Trump has too often flouted American values, but Mr. Biden has gone too far in the opposite direction.

And so, President Biden seen by the Log: Not just far too “virtuous liberal”, but also far too, well, “American”. Sometimes those Log the guys are too naked for their own good.


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