As Democrats move left, DeSantis defends American values


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Matias J. Ocner

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The most recent line of attack against Governor Ron DeSantis confirms how the Democratic Party has succumbed to a leftist agenda and why Hispanics simply aren’t connecting with their candidates. Specifically, State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Annette Taddeo’s attacks are misguided. DeSantis’ leadership and actions to protect Floridians are why so many Hispanics are united around freedom and why we feel safe in Florida.

My family immigrated to America from Colombia. Like many immigrants here, we respect the rule of law. Like the immigrant workers who built our country and our economy, we believe in the values ​​that have kept America free and strong. We want to live in communities that are safe and free from drugs, gangs and crime. We expect our politicians to protect us from the cartels, drugs and violence we have escaped. DeSantis represents us and ensures that Central and South American traffickers, coyotes and cartels cannot smuggle children and drugs into our communities.

Some members of my family still live in Colombia and fear that the Marxist, socialist and terrorist Gustavo Petro will win the next presidential elections. Petro, who has openly admired Hugo Chavez and plans to work with the Marxist FARC, will lead Colombia toward the same socialist policies that the Democrats and Joe Biden are pushing, such as removing the FARC from the list of foreign terrorist organizations. My family and I are proud to live in Florida where we are safe and free from such policies.

Hispanic voters reject the policies of big government, crushing freedom, Democrats who ultimately limit opportunity. Hispanics aren’t monolithic, but the one thing we share is an ambitious vision for the future and an appreciation that America offers the best opportunity to make dreams come true.

DeSantis’ policies are the antithesis of the desperation Democrats peddle. His policies resonate with voters because they represent common sense in an environment that has become radicalized and toxic. His handling of the pandemic and the way Americans across the country have settled in Florida, fleeing illogical and suffocating measures are the best examples of this. When Democrats try to demonize and distort policies that have a positive impact on the challenges of everyday life, voters see through it, because they live it.

The most recent false declarations concerning unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally are an example of this. The governor proposes that the federal government share information with Florida regarding these children, as the state is ultimately responsible for their upbringing and long-term well-being. The Biden administration declined to share the information with the state. The governor’s proposal makes sense, but if you listen to the left, their message is that he has no empathy and is dividing the community. But voters have understood the Democrats’ playbook and realized that their rants are not based on common sense.

What’s clear from the last election in Florida is that Hispanics are looking for policies that protect their families and support their aspirations. They want school boards to focus on teaching their children reading, writing and arithmetic, not on implementing policies that infringe on their parental rights. Policies that understand the courage it takes to open a small business and make payroll, not promises that everything will be given to us for free. Policies that recognize that as a society we should want to protect both our natural resources and human life.

The pain we have felt under authoritarian measures that infringe on our individual freedoms is something we are particularly sensitive to in South Florida. These measures led to misery and oppression. As Democrats continue to miss the mark, we will continue to work with the Governor on policies that preserve the American Dream for all.

Rep. David Borrero represents District 105 at Florida House.

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