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Bank offers a family Credit.

Financing on several shoulders

Financing on several shoulders

It can happen that there is an important financing project within a family, where it is a medium or higher amount and from its implementation, all family members would benefit more or less, directly or indirectly.

For example: the purchase of a caravan, a home renovation, the purchase of a holiday home, the purchase of a sailing boat for shared use, the implementation of a business idea with subsequent independence, the son or daughter after completing their studies, wedding with subsequent families or starting a business. But also the purchase of a new car that is used by several family members.

In these examples, you can consider using a family loan. Provided the following two questions can be answered with yes. Are all concerned convinced of the importance of the investment or implementation of the financing project?

And are all ready to pull together in this context. And to signal the implementation of this intention with a signature under the loan agreement.

If this is the case, a principle comes into play that has long since found its way into modern economic life, for example with different variants of crowdfunding (an unlimited number of participants, all contribute to an idea of ​​which they are convinced to be implemented to help) There are no limits to your imagination in the area of ​​crowdfunding.

When it comes to such sensitive things as financing projects,

When it comes to such sensitive things as financing projects,

It is also advisable to put yourself in the role of the other person. And also the situation of this counterpart in most cases, getting to know the lending house bank. If you take this step, you will come to the conclusion that banks are currently in a difficult special situation.

This special situation was caused by a variety of causes. One of these causes has its roots in the financial and economic crisis of the past years, which still presses on the balance sheets of the banks in many layers.

And significantly restrict their radius of action, especially lending to new customers. Another reason is that many banks had to be saved by the state because of their economic importance. On the one hand, this has led to a massive burden on public budgets and, on the other hand, has led states, in particular the EU, to impose stricter legal rules on banks (e.g. Basel 3).

All of this ultimately leads to the fact that new financing options and ideas with the background of the burden of a financing project, and above all the associated risk, are a good alternative. And, subsequently, are a welcome thing for the lender.

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