Bob Costas Visits Parkersburg HS for Sports in American Culture Class


PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) — The Sports in American Culture class continues to give students the chance to speak to distinguished guests.

And the class continues with a sports broadcaster over 40 years old and has covered everything from a dozen Olympics and championships, Bob Costas.

He is best known for his storytelling and long-form interviews in his broadcast work.

“I’ve always embraced excitement, drama, and shared experience. And bringing that to people in an entertaining way,” Costas says.

The students had the chance to ask Costas questions about some of his favorite moments and the people he interviewed.

Some have even asked about his early days with the Syracuse Blazers minor league hockey team, his interview with Vince McMahon, getting a call from OJ Simpson during the infamous police chase. And his 1958 Mickey Mantle card that he takes with him everywhere.

The students say they were thrilled to have someone as prolific as Costas.

“We are all very big sports fans,” says Donovin Lamm. “So to see a really big personality come in and talk to us, that’s pretty exciting. Everyone heard his voice. He made some really big calls. Like everyone heard him call the Bulls-Jazz 1998 NBA Finals, everyone heard that call, so to have a number like that is really cool for all of us.

Costas also provided the students with helpful advice.

Including his thoughts on how to succeed.

“There are many definitions of success,” says Costas. “But the one that works for me is doing something you love and believe in, and doing it as well as you are capable of.”

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