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CLOQUET — Three local members of the Native American community have created their own weekly podcast to provide valuable insight into job opportunities for a wide variety of business industries, in addition to celebrating their culture.

The Middle of the Rez Road podcast is hosted by Cloquet High School graduates Morgan Fritzinger and Alyssa Abramowski, who grew up together on the Fond du Lac reservation.

Ricky Reilly from the Middle of the Rez Road podcast poses for a photo during a recording session in Cloquet.

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Fritzinger is listed as a member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, while Abramowski is a member of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

They are joined by fellow host Ricky Reilly, who grew up on the Mille Lacs Ojibwe Reservation and is currently enrolled with the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Tribe in South Dakota.

The inspiration for the podcast came from a construction business owner on the reservation who asked for help in publicizing openings within his business, as well as other opportunities in areas that are not perhaps not widely known.

“He was just struggling to find resources or help or people to work one way,” Fritzinger said. “So things kind of fell into place, and that’s when I came in. And we were just like, ‘Well, what’s the best way to pass on opportunities and words ?”

The host poses for the photo
Morgan Fritzinger from the Middle of the Rez Road podcast poses for a photo during a recording session in Cloquet.

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Despite their lack of experience in the podcasting world, the group moved forward with their idea and released their first episode on April 28. They have since released 12 more.

Each episode of Middle of the Rez Road focuses on a specific business industry and includes special guests sharing their own experiences in the chosen field.

“One of our main goals is to share people’s successes just because we think it’s easier for someone on the reserve to want to get their foot in the door in a trade,” Fritzinger said.

Guests for the approximately 30-minute episodes included representatives from the construction, marking and welding industries, among others. Abramowski hopes the information will serve as an inspiration to those who may benefit from the job opportunities discussed.

The host poses for the photo
Alyssa Abramowski from the Middle of the Rez Road podcast poses for a photo during a recording session in Cloquet.

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“We just hope our story reaches someone and can help them find a job if they’re stuck in a rut,” Abramowski said. “We want people to become their own success story.”

In more recent episodes of the podcast, the hosts delved into native art through the Creative Native Hour. One of those episodes included a conversation with former Fond du Lac Reservation Police Chief Herb Fineday, or Chi Ma’iingan, who discussed his transition from law enforcement to a career. in art.

Although the main focus of the podcast is to promote employment opportunities, the organizers also seek to provide information on all things indigenous culture.

“We also do updates on powwows, so I think being a one-stop-shop for native news and what’s happening in local communities (that’s what we’re looking for),” Fritzinger said. .

New episodes are released every Thursday and can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

Looking forward to what lies ahead next month, Fritzinger said she is looking forward to meeting and speaking with doulas from the Fond du Lac Reservation, who are non-medical professionals who provide emotional and physical support. to women during pregnancy and childbirth.

“We’re going to sit down with doulas who work for the reservation just to hear about our doula programs and what they’re doing in the community to support moms,” Fritzinger said. “It’s the one I’m really excited for, just because I’m a mom of three and I’ve been through it all.”


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