Collective Exhibition “Tambayan” Filipino-American Art LA


Over the weekend, Los Angeles City College’s VAMA Gallery hosted a new exhibition highlighting the work of emerging Filipino artists. Curated by Edmund Arévalo, “Tambayan” chronicles the timelines and perspectives of the Filipino diaspora, while questioning issues of cultural assimilation, traditions and surveillance.

Mapped across a variety of disciplines, from painting, sculpture to video installations, the exhibition aims to celebrate Filipino-American heritage, while disrupting oppressive systems and uplifting Filipino and BIPOC communities. For Arévalo, who grew up between Southern California and the Philippines, art is a way for him to retrace his childhood memories and rediscover a sense of pride in his cultural identity.

In a past statement, Arecalo explained:

“It can be difficult because the integration pulls the work together like an arm wrestle, and it’s hard to separate and figure out which one I belong to because I feel like I don’t belong to either. Duality to have experienced both sides of the fence expresses the different mediums. Colors compose my emotions of satisfaction, joy, confusion and loneliness. I try to mix layers by adding and removing images, peeling off layers by rewriting my own story.

Elsewhere in the show, Kyle Reyes showcases a series of retro televisions on four stands. Title What is your first memory? Ithe filmmaker presents video collages reminiscent of his upbringing – from magazine cutouts and Disney cartoons, from toothy smiles, to religious prayers – Reyes’ films and installations invite viewers into his personal story that punctuates the tension between movement and emotion.

“Tambayan” is currently on view at LACC’s VAMA gallery until July 15.

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Vama Art Gallery
855 N Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90029
DaVinci Room; 1st floor

Exhibiting artists:

Jared Abayata
Clarisse Abelarde
Edmond Arevalo
Rachel Bridges
Alfred Camacho
Jon Steven Camacho
Rimsky Chua
Amy Doyo
Roberto Zamora
Beatrice Pilar
Patrick Manalo
Timothy Bar
Michel Rippens
Kyle Reyes


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