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Contract loan loan: is it possible?

Contract – a mandate is an increasingly popular form of employment. You also work on the basis of a contract – an order? Are you wondering if in this case you have a chance to get a loan or will you be disqualified? Cash loan and mandate contract: does it even go hand in hand? We will try to answer this question. daily8online.com has examples


Loan – mandate contract: is there a chance to receive it?

Loan - mandate contract: is there a chance to receive it?

Let’s go back to what we pointed out at the very beginning of the article, namely: contract – an order is a popular solution, many people work in this way. Therefore, the loans and credit market had no other option but to meet the needs of the modern customer. This means that a cash loan on a commission contract is the most available option. What can affect the fact that eventually the bank decides to lend us money? Working time under such contracts: the shortest acceptable employment period is often specified on the basis of contracts – mandate. Usually it must be at least a few / several months.

Loan and mandate contract: what can we do if we work under this type of contract and plan to borrow money? Look for a bank that will approve this form of employment and check how long we have to work on contracts – an order to be able to apply for a loan. Cash loans offered by loan companies may be another option. Many loan companies decide to cooperate with borrowers who are employed under mandate or specific work contracts.


Installment contracts

Installment contracts

Do you want to buy a TV or fridge in installments, but are you afraid that the commission contract is not enough? Installments and commission contract: do you have a chance? Of course, installment purchases are absolutely possible even if you are employed under a mandate contract or a specific task contract. For example, installment sales sometimes require a bank statement from a potential customer, which would be proof of how much income he earns.

TO CONCLUDE: having a mandate contract does not eliminate you as a potential borrower. The commission contract does not exclude the possibility of installment purchases. Ultimately, however, whether the loan or installments will be granted to you depends on your individual situation.

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