Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art announces transition of board leadership


BENTONVILLE, Ark. – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Following the recent celebration of its 10th anniversary, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art looks to the future today with the announcement that Olivia Walton will become the new chair of the board of directors of the directors museum. Founder Alice Walton, who has served as president since the museum opened, will step up as a member of the board.

“I am delighted that Olivia is taking on this leadership role,” said Alice Walton. “Over the past few years, I have founded new organizations focused on the arts as well as health and wellness, and I would like to focus more on my roles as chairman of the board of these entities. Olivia and I have worked closely together over the past few years. Not only does she have a long-standing interest and passion for the arts, but she has also gained significant experience through her leadership of Momentary as well as as A member of the Crystal Bridges Board of Trustees, she will be an excellent leader of the Museum Board of Trustees and skillfully guide Crystal Bridges into its next decade. “

Olivia Walton joined the Crystal Bridges Board of Directors in 2019. In 2020, she guided the opening of Momentary, the museum’s contemporary art satellite organization, as Co-Founder and Chair of the Board of Momentary. She will continue to chair Momentary in addition to her new role as Chair of the Crystal Bridges Board of Directors.

“I strongly believe in Alice’s vision of creating access for all and welcoming everyone,” said Olivia Walton. “I am delighted to continue our work to expand our physical space, broaden our definition of art, and ensure that visitors feel a sense of belonging to Crystal Bridges and The Momentary.”

In 2005 Alice Walton founded Crystal Bridges as a non-profit charitable organization for everyone to enjoy. She donated her art collection to form the basis of the museum’s collection, and the Walton family donated 120 acres of land in downtown Bentonville as a site for the museum. Crystal Bridges opened to the public on November 11, 2011. Since opening, it has welcomed over 5.6 million visitors from around the world, with no entrance fees.

In 2020, Crystal Bridges opened a satellite site, the Momentary, focused on contemporary visual and performing arts. Founded by the Walton family and based on the vision of Tom, Olivia and Steuart Walton, the Momentary also welcomes everyone with free admission.

“Crystal Bridges and the Momentary are wonderful gifts for our community, and the leadership of Alice and Olivia Walton has guided these institutions to become what they are today,” said Rod Bigelow, Director Executive and Director of Diversity and Inclusion. “Alice brought a vision of art to life in the Heartland, and Olivia continues it as these organizations continue to serve our region and our country.”


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