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Here’s how to get free credit

The EBKM of home savings savings is extremely high compared to the interest rate environment . Thanks to 30% state aid, the average interest rate (EBKM) can be up to 11% per annum. Bank deposit rates do not exceed 3%, and premium government bonds currently do not yield interest rates above 4%, so the state-guaranteed, interest-free 11% is truly outstanding.

If you earn an average of US $ 5,000 on an LTP deposit of $ 100,000 and pay only $ 5,000 in interest on your $ 100,000 loan in a given year, it is clear that multiple LTPs and loan repayers can clear the interest rate on the loan.


How much LTP do I need?

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You need 2 LTP for every 10 million with an interest rate of approximately one year. Of course, there is interest rate risk here because the repayment rate changes every year. If you want to exclude interest rate risk, so you want to get a free loan with absolutely no risk, you need 4-5 LTP for $ 10 million. It is completely risk-free, in which case the repayment and repayment cannot be increased. Of course, if you think ahead and open LTP before you borrow, you are in a better position. Each case is unique, everyone has a different income and can spend a different amount each month on repayments, so you can always make these unique offers in person. For any questions or concerns, please let me know.


But let’s not forget the 2.6% one-year interest rate

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APRs With a 40 million USD loan, 9 home bills are enough to repay 40 million three hundred thousand in less than 9 years, obviously this will require a large family reunion, but After that, the home account can be reopened to another name, so everyone can queue up and of course, in the meantime, transfer the home account to a close relative if life overwrites the original plans.

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