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How to Reduce Costs and Make Big Savings – Loans

Although we seem complicated, humans are essentially very simple beings. It is this simplicity that sometimes puts us in an unfavorable financial situation that we can very easily avoid if we stick to certain rules. Of course, the rules are in the details that we often don’t notice, but with a little caution we can easily spot the mistakes we make.

Whether or not we want to accept this depends on our monthly budget and the budget we have on a daily basis. One of the biggest personal challenges for a person is finding a way to spend less money while saving. First of all, you need to start by asking yourself if I really need it. No matter what “it” meant exactly.

Borrow money now!

Borrow money now!

Life is getting more expensive every year, but this is no reason to suffer and live in poverty. Certainly to start with your home budget. If you put all your monthly earnings on the set you will notice that they may not be so small, but then where is the problem? There is a problem in the way of life that people in Croatia especially stand out from.

Following the trends of rich western countries, we often forget about the reality and the real opportunities offered by our standard. Looking at the people around us, we can learn a lot, and use their bad habits of life as a solution to our finances. If you are able to plan your expenses carefully, you will be very close to achieving your goal and saving money.

Below we bring you 4 interesting tips and examples of how we can save and reduce our costs in Croatia.

Credits, Credit Cards and Minuses


You are very likely to notice that a large number of citizens are beneficiaries of more than one loan. Unfortunately, sometimes life circumstances cannot be influenced. Unplanned expenses usually come when we have no money. Forced to live off one paycheck and low-income people often use as few loans, credit cards as possible, and enter as little as possible.

The expense and interest that comes with your payment forces you to sink deeper and deeper, thus creating a minimal opportunity to exit. But opportunity and exit always exist! If you think in peace, you will realize that you are unnecessarily throwing money at multiple parties, paying so much that you are almost lost without knowing to whom you owe everything. Good Finance Bank Quick Loans will pay you cash into your checking account within 15 minutes of the delivery of the signed and complete documentation.

What to do with the loan you take from us? Of course, close all the old debts, cover the minus and have only one monthly installment that you know to whom and how much you pay. Ultimately, it is much easier to manage your finances from one place, and our services do just that. With minimal conditions and documentation, even creditworthy people (non-permanent, blacklisted, etc.) can get credit.

TV packages

Starting from themselves, their colleagues, friends and acquaintances nowadays, it is likely that almost everyone has a monthly subscription to TV channels. The most commonly purchased packages come with a 12 or 24 month contract as a cheaper option. But how much do you really look at all these channels? The profitability of your package is very much about watching sports once a week, and movies when you have time.

A subscription to one or two packages is enough, which will dramatically increase your monthly TV-only spend. In addition to youtube and other free or much cheaper sports, movies and entertainment services, you have to choose your priorities. The calculation is very clear here, if you only pay TV packages and television monthly 250 – 300 kuna, on an annual level it is about 3000 kuna.

Monthly membership and mobile subscriptions

Monthly membership and mobile subscriptions

Smartphones have caught our eye. Commercials that blind us also blind our minds. We must have the best, we must have the most expensive. Is a phone that costs three times less really and three times less worth it? We certainly disagree with this, and here we see one way to save. Mobile subscriptions of several hundred kunas a month, and multiple expensive phones have completely taken over our society.

If you think a little better you will realize that you spend a lot less than you pay. Is it all worth it then? Of course not! Also, in a very interesting way of saving, we include various membership fees, for daily newspapers, books or perhaps a gym. How many friends do you know who brag about signing up for the gym and only going a few times a month? Don’t make the same mistake.

When you already have the Internet and believe that you know how to use your computer, do you really need a subscription to a daily newspaper? Don’t take calls for memberships to books and other services before you think carefully and understand how much you really need.

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