Latin American Art Museum to present works of art by migrant children on Sunday



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The Museum of Latin American Art will present a one-day exhibition of art created by migrant children hosted in an emergency shelter at the Long Beach Convention Center on Sunday.

The art will be on display at the Viva Events Center at MOLAA. The museum, 628 Alamitos Ave., will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

“These young artists remind us all why it was so important for us to create a safe and welcoming environment for these children,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement. “These kids have been through so much. They are smart, creative and their inspiration shines through their magnificent works of art.

The artwork includes:

– a fashion show featuring dresses made from recycled objects;

– the logo of the emergency shelter, created and voted on by the children;

– posters of a municipal election during which a 6-year-old child was elected president of the council;

– several 8 × 11 works of art illustrating the time spent at the center; and

– a work of art designed by the staff of the refuge.

The US Department of Health and Human Services hosted more than 1,500 migrant children in the emergency shelter at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center between April and July. The shelter housed mainly girls aged 5 and over for an average of 19 days, until they could be reunited with their families or placed with sponsors. The shelter provided space for education, recreation, health care and legal services.

Online reservations and ticket purchases for the exhibition are encouraged, with free entry to MOLAA on Sundays. Walk-in people are welcome and MOLAA members do not need a reservation. Masks are mandatory for all interior spaces, and additional masks will be provided by the museum. For more information on the Sculpture Garden, call 562-437-1689. You can find more information on

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