Lavish Evening at Hyatt Regency Delhis Showcases American Culture with Exquisite Cuisine


Hyatt Regency, in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture, recently celebrated The Taste of America with a splendid menu personally designed by Chef Ivan Chieregatti. The site chosen to host this event was the Hyatt Living Rooms, which suited the occasion perfectly. The main attraction of the evening was Turkey, especially from the United States. With this, the selection of delicious cocktails and meals included exquisite American products like Northwest Cherries, Turkey, Blueberries, Cranberries, Washington Apples, California Walnuts, California Almonds, and California Pistachios. to showcase America’s exciting and diverse flavors.

Event menu

As the event was organized to express American culture, they certainly hit the nail on the head with its main menu. From a succulent and sweet cranberry and pistachio turkey roulade, which was a rolled dough and had hints of cranberry and pistachio, was accompanied by a subtle sauce that balanced the flavor of the dish. The salad, which was folded into a single arugula leaf, along with the tuile and microgreens, had a certain vitality. This was followed by a hearty and heartwarming cauliflower and apple soup with a delicious apple crunch and perfect for this season.


American products on display

While the goal was to showcase magnificent American food, the menu also featured a unique amalgamation of Indian and American food culture with blueberry and murgh malai tikka which was an interesting combination to have.


The event ended with a nice warm apple pie with pistachio ice cream and a fresh cherry pie. The delicious apple pie was baked to perfection with stuffed chopped apples that paired beautifully with the scoop of pistachio ice cream.


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