Lesbian-Owned ‘Great Democracy Tees’ Display American Values


In this political climate, where extreme polarization has led to lines being drawn in the strangest places, a new liberal, lesbian society based just outside of Nashville is challenging the far-right’s supposed ownership of concepts like patriotism! Great Democracy T-Shirts created a line of unisex t-shirts bearing messages conveying bleeding-heart liberal ideals associated with stars and stripes. Their motto is: it’s time to #takeuptheflag.

Great Democracy Tees Sabrina Torres (social media maven) and Jennifer Sheridan (documentary filmmaker) think we’ve allowed the far right to hijack ideals of patriotism and freedom for far too long.

“While walking through our new rural neighborhood recently,” Torres said, “we realized that for years, especially under the Trump administration and the rise of white supremacy, a lot of us have become really bad at it. comfortable, even nervous, every time we see someone displaying the American flag.”

Sabrina Torres, co-founder, wearing Great Democracy t-shirts

“We knew a lot of other people who felt the same as us,” Sheridan added. As a result, many liberals are so uncomfortable that they are unlikely to display the flag at all for fear of being confused with far-right conservatives.

This is our country too,” Torres said. “It’s incredibly sad, this symbol that should inspire hope and reflect our country’s promise, makes many of us feel the opposite right now when we see it displayed in front of someone. lodge.”

They decided to do something about it, creating products that allow liberals, like those in their LGBTQ+ community, to show their pride in what this country could be, while displaying their liberal values. “

Model wearing Great Democracy t-shirts

That’s when we had an idea: what if we find a way to help get the flag back?” Sheridan asked rhetorically.”

“We started talking about ideals that we hoped people would think of when they saw the flag: civil rights, equality, democracy and hope for the future of our country,” Sheridan continued. our communities, across the country, every day? T-shirts seemed like a logical choice that would make sense to a lot of people. »

“We’ve created an online store where every unisex t-shirt we offer has a liberal message and an American flag (even if it’s just a small one), to help restore the idea that you can be someone who loves the flag AND the promise of the United States, someone who believes in freedom and justice and ‘love and compassion for all,'” Torres added.

Model wearing Great Democracy t-shirts

Beyond defending a message, the couple gives back the proceeds of their sales. “We don’t just want to release t-shirts that speak to important issues,” Sheridan explained, “we also want to help fight to make things right, so we’ll donate $1 from every sale of shirts to the ACLU. .”

Model wearing Great Democracy t-shirts

We have a long way to go to reclaim our country’s values ​​from the far right, they know, but we cannot do that without publicly confronting their “ownership” of these parts of the national conversation.

“At the end of the day, these are just t-shirts, but we hope our designs can help in many ways. First, the message lets people know about an issue that’s important to you and where you stand. Maybe that it will even help start a discussion,” Torres said. “And second, because every Great Democracy Tees shirt not only incorporates an issue you care about, but also the stars and stripes in some way, you identify yourself as what we like to call a ‘liberal. flag lover”.

Model wearing Great Democracy t-shirts

Why shouldn’t we take the flag back?” Sheridan concluded. “The flag really belongs to everyone, including those of us on the left. The flag + our opinions = our American values. And we believe these values ​​are important to everyone. of us to be able to talk about it and act. These are things we can be proud of. It makes us who we are.

Model wearing Great Democracy t-shirts

Visit Great Democracy Tees to see their line of products: you might find a new way to proclaim to your corner of the world that your values ​​are real American values.

Sheridan and Torres have previously been featured in O&AN. Click on their names to find out more!


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