Letter: Adhering to “American Values” Is Killing Us Now | Letters to the Editor



None of us have been in this situation before. It’s uncomfortable and confusing. American values ​​are at the center of our unease. Our culture is rooted in ideals that work against us during this pandemic: we stand up for individual rights, freedom of choice, every man for himself. We fuel the economy by advertising and teaching these cultural beliefs. But these beliefs have claimed more than 310,000 lives in the United States. Society is brought to its knees because of our resistance to change. Change is difficult, and growth can be painful.

Those who ridicule masks, those in leadership positions who deny science, and those who continue to live as if the pandemic is not happening must change their beliefs or get rid of their ignorance. It is literally a matter of life and death. Our beloved individual right of personal choice impacts the spread in the community. At this time, we must consider the collective good and act altruism. This horrific period of history forces us to put aside our individualistic ideals. It is a difficult concept for those who reject masks, and we cannot fault them for being attached to the values ​​with which we were all raised. They only do what they have always been told to do: exercise their right to personal liberty. However, it is the very thing that is killing us.

I hope those unmasked can consider a temporary change in value. And who knows? When this is all over, we may be able to choose to build a stronger and wiser America.



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