MEX Talks 2021 4-part virtual series to showcase Mexican-American culture


CHICAGO (WLS) – MEX’s ninth annual conference will kick off in September to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month.

MEX talks was created by Latinos Progresando to give Mexican and Mexican American leaders with diverse backgrounds the platform to reflect on a shared identity and tell stories to inspire positive change.

“Recent census data confirms what we already knew: Mexicans influence and continue to influence the future of the United States. MEX Talks allows us to celebrate the unique voices and stories we need to share, while reimagining our collective future, ”said Luis Gutierrez. , CEO of Latinos Progresando. “MEX Talks is our Chicago positive contribution to the national conversation – it is a celebration of our people and our culture.”

Latinos Progresando is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide high quality information and resources to people to enable them to live safe, healthy and productive lives. With over 20 years of service, Latinos Progresando specializes in immigration legal services and organizational capacity building, bringing together local providers around issues of health, education and peace.

Speakers attending MEX Talks work in various fields: media, performance art, politics, etc. Much of their perspective draws from the immigrant experience, as well as traditional and contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American culture.

This year’s lineup includes Mexican Ambassador Reyna Torres Mendivil, author Luis Urrea (The devil Highway), the president of the National Museum of Mexican Art Carlos Tortolero, the interdisciplinary artist Roberto Sifuentes and many others.

Calendar of MEX talks 2021

September 14, 2021MEX speaks to decision makers, a performance-based conversation

September 16, 2021It is complicated, an identity round table

September 21, 2021History speaks, a speaker presentation for four people exploring eras of Mexican history in the United States

September 24, 2021The music that made us, a Chicago-style daytime party with DJ lineup and storytelling

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