Mike Pompeo: Don’t back down in our fight for American values




Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

The Associated Press

To be an American is the greatest privilege imaginable. To serve America is the greatest honor imaginable. President Calvin Coolidge said: “To live under the US Constitution is the greatest political privilege that has ever been accorded to the human race. “

I believe it is. That’s what brought me to West Point, in the military, to run two manufacturing companies in south-central Kansas. It took me to become a member of Congress, become Director of the CIA, and then around the world as Secretary of State in President Donald Trump’s administration.

In all of these roles, I fought to protect and implement the values ​​that made our country great. More recently, in the Trump administration, we kept our promise to put America first.

But none of us can rest in this fight for the very principles that make America the most exceptional nation the world has ever known, and we can never give up an inch. Especially now that the Biden administration is actively undoing the good work we’ve been doing, as each day the waking crowd grows larger and closer and closer to its Big Tech and mainstream media allies. Every day, the Biden administration strives to undermine our American values.

Our resistance to left-wing socialism and the culture of canceling the revival is a laudable fight, especially since they are trying to cancel us. They can continue to call us deplorable, clowns, ignorant, rednecks – the New York Times even called me “the worst secretary of state in history.”

It is very good; we should wear these labels as badges of honor because nothing could be more important than standing up for our freedom and freedoms. I won’t back down, and neither will you.

Last week I launched the Champion American Values ​​PAC, CAVPAC. While “CAV” stands for Championing American Values, it also stems from my days as a young US Army officer serving in the cavalry. Cavalry ride to the sound of cannons and fearlessly fight to defend the things that matter most.

CAVPAC’s mission is to ensure that Republicans take back both the House of Representatives and the Senate, so that we can more effectively push back the encroachment of socialism in this country and preserve those values ​​that made America the greatest force for good in the world. As captain of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, I patrolled the Iron Curtain, the dividing line between freedom and oppression. I have seen with my own eyes what a country with suppressed freedoms looks like. We must never allow that to happen here.

I remember what my mom told me when I was 18 and was leaving for West Point. My mom was the most decent, toughest woman I have ever known, and as I left for what was going to be the hardest thing I have ever done, she said to me, “Michael, you are a grinder, never let them run you out, run them out and give this challenge all you’ve got.

I have never forgotten it and we should all remember it. We cannot let the radical left wear us out. We must continue to fight for our future. We must continue to grind; continue to defend American values.



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