New Britain Herald – The New Britain Museum of American Art will feature a Cheshire artist in its latest exhibition



NEW BRITAIN – The New Britain Museum of American Art will launch its new series of exhibitions at its recently restored Landers House, titled Elizabeth Gourlay: Eclectic Threads. It will be visible from October 7.

This will be the Chester Gourlay-based artist’s first solo exhibition at the museum.

“I recognize many influences in my visual thinking,” Gourlay said. “I can smell some of it from the house I grew up in, designed by my father, and in turn with influences ranging from Japanese design to Bauhaus. It was a unique style that included white stucco exterior walls with a broken symmetry in window shapes and roof lines. Its open interior spaces featured elegant geometries often punctuated by dark woodwork. My mother, an interior designer, was also a strong influence with her masterful use of color and his love of fabrics and textiles My parents often collaborated, and I was introduced through them, to many vibrant and poppy colors and designs from the 1960s, in addition to the subtle, rich and harmonic colors of the fabric by Jack Lenor Larsen.

The group of collages and paintings on display span from 2011 to the present day and show his studio exploration of color and form.

“My collages are created from found and painted pieces of paper, cut and arranged in a playful, orderly or chaotic way,” she said. “The works are the starting point for gouache paintings and larger works that evolve as I work with changes in scale, color, light and form.”

In addition to the early influence of her parents, the designs of the 1960s, and the fabric colors of Jack Lenor Larsen, Gourlay shared that some of her early influences came from studying artists, architecture, and textiles. from different cultures, including the work of Anni Albers and Paul Clee.

“There is a continuous, eclectic thread of ideas, in this body of work that reflects these interests and explorations of my vocabulary of bars, lines, colors and shapes,” she said. “I hope these shapes and colors evoke the emotional and aesthetic threads and offer the viewer an opening to a cultural but also personal and purely abstract experience.”

The Landers House highlights local artists who contribute to the cultural enrichment of our region and beyond.

The New Britain Museum of American Art is located at 56 Lexington Street.

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