Op-Ed: Equity in Education and Un-American Values




Dividing and destructive platforms are taught in American schools across our country. The collective name of these radical platforms is “Education for Equity” or “Education for Diversity”. Equity education is falsely based on far-left propaganda that America is systematically racist and “white privilege” is the root of racism.
Equity education indoctrinates young Americans, our children and grandchildren, with anti-American values, anti-American precepts, and anti-democratic doctrines. Equity education espouses socialist and communist rhetoric, denounces the nuclear family, favors skin color over merit, and many more anti-American platitudes.

Equity education is introduced in Florida and in schools in Hernando County. The precepts of systemic racism, BLM and white privilege are presented contrary to our Constitution. Recently, the Hernando County School Board approved $ 107,800 to purchase a computerized equity training program for staff and faculty.

The curriculum, Equity in Education, Inside Out (Franklin Covey | EDU1945237 Version 1.1.8) is based on eliminating “unconscious bias” as a predicate of equity in education. ‘education. Jason Galitsky, Federal Programs Coordinator for Hernando County School District, presented the Equity in Education training program to the school board, at a workshop meeting, as a platform for communication, teaching faculty and staff how to discuss and convey equity in the precepts of education without having people become offended or defensive.

The foundation of the Equity in Education training manual is that systemic racism and white privilege is the cause of the achievement gap in education and equity in education is the means of ‘eliminate the gap. It focuses on using words like minority instead of minority when referring to someone who is part of a group that makes up less than half of the population. The manual gives a boost to group work which seeks “the right answer” and gives a “boost” to collaborative learning which rather seeks “a good or defined result”.

Our education system is turned upside down with the use of sweet words to cover the meaning of what is going on, and it is happening without the parents and grandparents being made aware.

Fairness in education and what it does to our children, grandchildren and America’s future is covered up. I have sent four (4) separate Freedom of Information / Florida Statute 119 requests for information, writings, documentation and more to the school district without obtaining satisfaction. I clearly indicated in my requests the information, documents and writings I was looking for.

Parents need to be aware and speak loudly. Everyone must be aware and speak out loud and clear; this is our America; it is our future. Equity in education is nothing more than a “dumbing down” of children and America.

–Arlène Glantz

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