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Smithtown, LI: To Voicer Carminuccio Cosimo Palladino: The Daily News was kind enough to give my letter on the Italian-American condition the title “Populism can turn a community against its own.” In doing so, they understood my point perfectly. Unfortunately, you missed it by recasting my comments in a dissertation on Christopher Columbus. I mentioned Columbus Day to illustrate the hypocrisy we show as Italian Americans by celebrating our heritage one day a year and using the other 364 to do stupid things like accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s character of political opportunism. Such behavior degrades us as a culture.

While I agree that scrapping Columbus Day is appropriate, I must repeat that doing so will not reduce the damage Italian Americans will do to themselves the rest of the year. Behaving with dignity as a culture is the only way to undo the stereotypes that fools like Rudy Giuliani have thrown at us. Here are some suggestions:

1. I implore Mayor Adams to move the parade from Italian-American Day to Labor Day. Our brothers and sisters in Italy proudly celebrate International Workers’ Day every year.

2. Don’t spend your money on union-busting stores like Starbucks and Amazon. Frequent the multitude of small businesses New York has to offer, many owned by honest, hard-working Italian Americans.

3. Do not donate to the National Italian American Foundation or any other bogus affinity group. They’ve done nothing to censor Rand Paul for his attacks on Dr. Fauci, they’re not using enough of their budget to provide scholarships to deserving Italian-American students, and they include Donald Trump’s pimp-lover Maria Bartiromo. , in their board of directors. Karen Cirillo

Brooklyn: According to another letter I wrote for the Daily News, if we really care about the children and the future of NYC and the Jewish community in general, we should make sure that children in Hasidic schools receive a decent secular education. When children are not seriously taught in literacy subjects (reading and writing, mathematics, but also civics, history, basic sciences and health), they are deprived and kept in ignorance. How can they navigate directions on medicine containers? How can they take and pass the driving tests? How to vote knowingly? They are deprived of the basics of society, and it is unfair to them and to society. Ellen Levitt

Corona: Is it me or is Keith Hernandez more boring than ever? Especially on Sunday September 4th. Someone should cover their mouth (if you listened to the show that day, you know what I’m talking about). I thought Ron Darling was the throwing expert. Keith thinks he knows everything. Gary Cohen always corrects it. Keith, stick to what you know, not what you think you know. Mitzi Belski

Kew Gardens: If anyone should have recused themselves from investigating Donald Trump, it’s clearly Letitia James. She’s been stalking him for years and publicly denounced him before her allegations against him now. Of all the real estate moguls in this city and state, she was obsessed with him. She was also driven by partisan politics like so many others. My question for her is simple: how many other overstatements have you conducted during your tenure? In legalese, there are strong arguments for selective prosecution and abuse of statutory powers on his part. I bet an honest public inquiry would agree with the above. Phil Serpico

Highland Falls, NY: So it turns out that all of New York’s crime writers and historians were wrong. There aren’t five crime families, there are six! Add the name Trump to Gambino and Columbo, with Orange Don as Greedfather. His retort to Vice President Mike Pence – “I won’t be your friend anymore if you don’t do what I ask” – could have come directly from Mario Puzo. Given that Ivanka Trump is the only child who appears to have a brain, this will be a first in the 21st century for American crime, a woman don (to be). A Donette? Police writers, to your laptops! Joe Cyr

Staten Island: Shouldn’t Mar-a-Lago be called Mag-a-Lago? Douglas Baker

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Bronx: Your “Primary Colors” op-ed (Sept. 16) claims that the “center” is more popular with Democrats than the “far left.” Is this why Hillary Clinton won less than 50% of the vote in 2016, even against Donald Trump? She supported her husband’s signing of NAFTA, a welfare reform that made recipients homeless because minimum wage was (and still is) unlivable, and she urged her husband to bomb Serbia. These are right wing positions. While some leftists advocate such nonsense as defunding the police, many want a decent minimum wage, health insurance that covers everyone, clean energy to curb climate change, reduce our bloated defense budget and end our belligerent foreign policy. As for the latter, if it hadn’t been for the sanctions against Venezuela imposed by Presidents Obama, Trump and Biden, we wouldn’t have all these immigrants coming from that country. When people talk left, center, and right, they usually avoid trouble. Richard Warren

Flushing: The September 22 “WuMo” comic gives a bad image of the Chihuahua. It’s not fair to the animal world. Robert Kitai

Bronx: The best part of your article is “Red & Rover”. It shows the warmth and love we need today. I’m so glad he’s back! I’m sick of death and murder in the newspapers. Maryanne Schulhoff

Brooklyn: Re “Wind and Rain This Time” (Editorial, Sept. 22): Yes, Hurricane Fiona’s Pain in Puerto Rico Could Have Been Halted Had It Ditched Fossil Fuels for Wind and Solar Power . Hurricanes are becoming more dangerous due to the emissions-fueled climate crisis. Resolving this crisis can also bring more reliable and resilient energy to the island. New York has a lesson to learn. The gas industry here is waging an organized disinformation campaign to slow our climate progress and overturn the legally binding Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act to build more dirty factories and pipelines that will lock us into one more cycle. more costly and destructive. We need the Climate Action Council of New York to provide a solid final scoping plan that will stop gas infrastructure in its tracks. ella ryan

Bronx: The Bronx became the city’s penal colony. It has more group homes and homeless shelters than any other borough and now the only public beach in the Bronx will welcome illegal immigrants. Lack of education and poverty are the main causes of crime, and we lead the city in both areas. Guess Mayor Adams forgot his campaign promise to help revive the Bronx. Al D’Angelo

Staten Island: ‘These Catholic GOP Governors Aren’t Pro-Life’ (op-ed, Sept. 22) recalled the Nativity story, which Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis and Doug Ducey will remember when they attend, i suppose, Christmas Mass in their respective parishes. I wonder what they will think of the reading of the Gospel: “And she bore her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, for there was no place for them in the inn. (Luke 2:7). Michele Corelli

Richmond Hill: To Voicer Paul Gross regarding your negative statement about commemorating 9/11 with a so-called bank holiday: I think you’re rude to say that people would only want this as another day off for the beach and would say “Happy Sept. 11” on that date. Perhaps that is how you would view this very sad and hard-to-forget event. I pray that you are the only person who would ever think this way! Barbara Haynes’ voice isn’t even from New York but has more empathy than that poor lost soul Mr. Gross, who is a New Yorker. It’s a sin that they closed the 9/11 Tribute Museum, which I believe was due to loss of revenue from visitors due to COVID-19. The feds should help with its reopening. Ene Kelly


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