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Because we live in a free country, we have a choice. We can choose which America, Colorado, and Summit County we want to live in and how we want to live there.

We can choose a traditional American attitude, live and let live: a belief in expediency, initiative, and a strong sense of patriotism. Or we can choose the weird and progressive ideologies that currently plague our institutions which embrace revisionist history, divisive identity politics and awakened culture, the social-warrior agenda.

Today’s awakened progressives across the country and here in Summit County believe that the laissez-faire of government, free enterprise, and love of family, faith and country are outdated ideals that oppress certain groups. They preach grievance and resentment among racial, gender, and socio-economic groups with the goal of replacing equal opportunity with a preference for those in line and penalties for those who do not comply.

They want to quash all dissenting opinions and promote government regulation of every routine incident in our daily lives. They believe that they are smarter than “we the people” can make better decisions for us and that we should be quiet, stand in line and obey.

By restricting our freedoms and pitting us against each other, they hope to continue to manipulate and control the masses, thus retaining political power.

Rather, traditional Americans believe that we can combine localities, ethnic heritages, family traditions, religions, and financial backgrounds without destroying the diverse, prosperous and mobile urban cultures that make up the American landscape today. The crucible can continue to absorb the regrouped masses without labeling certain tribes as oppressors or oppressed.

We are united by an equal opportunity ethic that enables every individual to excel and prosper, regardless of skin color or birth status and based solely on your character content and willingness to work. hard and honestly looking for happiness. We are still truly the land of opportunity, which is why hundreds of thousands of immigrants continue to migrate to our shores every year.

What we need now more than anything in the upcoming Summit County election is moral courage. America is being bombarded by foreigners who illegally invade our southern border. Our country has been dishonored by the shortsighted decisions of our political and military leaders in Afghanistan. The FBI and the Justice Department have deteriorated to the point that parents at school board meetings are fearing that they will be investigated for defending their right to determine whether their children should wear masks and undergo a fairness study program. Local city councils tell us that we are not free to use our private property as we see fit. No wonder we are discouraged.

But we don’t need to accept utter helplessness if we have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and are willing to step forward, despite the inevitable consequences of the hateful and waking mob. We need to take control of our attitude and actions and decide where we can make a positive difference for our families, our community and our country. We come from an unbroken line of strong stock, and we can act in accordance with the stoic virtues of courage, temperance, righteousness, and wisdom.

Now is the time to apply what we know in this current election cycle. Our constitutional right to vote sets us apart from banana republics and dictatorships in other countries and has propelled us into the role of leader among the nations of the world.

Locally, it’s more important than ever to get out and vote for traditional American school board candidates. We need new school board representatives who put kids first, put academics first, and won’t bow to Boulder-style political correctness. We need an equality policy to replace the current school board equity program.

We must vote for the best educational opportunities for all students. Your vote for traditional American candidates makes a difference!

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