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Save Money on Car

Need a car? Traveling by public transport is more economical. But we understand that a car is comfortable and good to have. A car is expensive in both purchasing and operation. Have you decided to buy a new car, so there are a few things to keep in mind to make such a financial transaction as possible.

Bargain for the price

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You can often negotiate the price when buying a new car. Also compare what your competitors take for the same car. If you have to buy a used car, it is usually cheaper to buy it through an advertisement for example, finn.no. If an advertisement on the car has also been for a while, there is perhaps a greater chance of getting a good price on the car.

Costs by car

Costs by car

When you buy a car, you can find out what service it is and how often. Also check up on insurance and car taxes. The purchase price is the car? Expect to be able to show car 1 every year. Compare different insurance companies. Check out what you have to pay in taxes. For large and heavy vehicles, you will pay higher taxes.

Compare spare parts prices

When you want to buy spare parts and accessories for your car, it is cheaper to shop at car department stores like Biltema. When it’s time to buy new tires for your car then compare prices online. Save a lot of money here.

Buy a small car

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If you are going to buy a car, you should consider a smaller car, because then the total price of gasoline, vehicle taxes, insurance and depreciation will mainly be lower. Save about USD 3000 a month.

Bike or ride collectively

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Biking or traveling by bus to work saves you a lot of money. It also saves both health and the environment. This saves you about 2000 dollars / month

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