Siena College Research Institute Announces Study on American Values: America at a Crossroads



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Are we divided? Yes. Do we share core values? Absoutely. Are we proud to be Americans? For the majority. Do we think our vast experience will weather this storm? We are a little optimistic, but worried. -Dr. Don Levy, Director, Research Institute of the College of Siena

The Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) will release a new national study on Monday, October 25, on the position of 6,077 Americans on core values, including equality, freedom and progress. The study simultaneously examines partisanship and whether or not Americans share a set of underlying principles.

Data are presented at the national level as well as for nine regions of the country. The American Values ​​Study (AVS) includes unique quantitative data on values ​​by region, party and voting choice for 2020, detailed comments from Americans on “where do we go from here” and information two former members of the United States Congress.

Copies under embargo can be requested from the Director of SCRI, Dr Don Levy, [email protected]

Levy will be available for interviews starting Monday, October 25 at 8:30 a.m. EST at 518 783-2901 or by email, [email protected]

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