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Some good finance related apps

Running good small apps on your mobile or tablet is easy and these apps can often facilitate the economy in different ways. In this post, I thought about bringing up some smart apps that you can use for a bit of mixed purposes, but which are basically good for your finances.


Banks’ own apps

banking app

All major banks Swiftbank, Kordea, CEB and Handelsbanken have their own apps where you can manage your finances, transfer money, check your balance and make other easier banking matters.

It is easy to have the opportunity to do this on your mobile phone, for example, if you do not have access to the computer or if you are out and about and need to check your Internet bank.

For example, I who have CEB can check balance, transfer money between accounts etc. You can also check where ATMs and bank offices are located and also scan OCR numbers with the camera for easier payment of bills.


Shared economy

Shared economy

The Shared Finance app is for those who, for example, share costs such as friends, roommates or couples with shared finances. You can keep track of who pays what, how much you should pay and how much you owe, etc.

Simple and easy and it doesn’t take much to run the app and start typing expenses. You can create a variety of accounts for you and the person with whom you share finances (if different).

It is a smart app to have if you want better control and order of your debts so that everyone pays what they should and that it does not get uneven or that you forget about expenses and expenses.


Solidity AAA

finance mobile apps

This app is for you who want to check up on corporate credit reports. You can see their ratings and a lot of figures such as sales, earnings, equity / assets ratio, employees and some other information about the companies such as owners, where they have their base etc.

This can be good if you are unsure of a company and want to look them up a little more closely. You can see that everything looks right if you, for example, buy something. You must create an account and log in.


Swish payments

Swish payments

This is an app that allows you to pay via mobile. You can pay via your mobile number and withdraw the money from your account and get it into the recipient’s account easily and quickly.

Some stores start charging this way so you can pay with your mobile instead of by credit card or cash. There are also some other similar payment solutions for mobiles that are worth looking into.

There are several good apps that help you keep track of or safeguard your finances, but these are some that might be worth looking into. In future posts there may well be some more good tips worth checking out.

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