The Bible: Another Book That Doesn’t Reflect American Values?



Many parents and others are concerned about the books available for children. Many want to ban the books because these books contain material that they believe is contrary to American values. Among these books is “Beloved” by Toni Morison. People are concerned that although books like “Beloved” have merit, parts of these books expose children to material that these people believe could have a negative impact not only on children but also on our own. culture. I understand and appreciate these concerns.

There is one popular book in particular that contains material that is clearly contrary to American values. This book contains parts that condone child murder, rape of wives, bigamy, incest, slavery, genocide, and patriarchy, among other things that are abhorrent to American values. Should this dangerous book be kept out of the reach of children? Now, this book is the Bible. Many believe that although the Bible contains these passages, on the whole the Bible teaches valuable lessons. Perhaps we should give other books the same benefit of the doubt and the confidence that we and our children can process these views and not be damaged. There are a lot of people who have read the Bible and seem to have done well.

Rex clemmensen

City of Iowa



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