The event showcases local Native American art


A three-day event is underway in Catoosa showcasing Native American art. Organizers said they hoped to create an artistic experience in Santa Fe with talent already present in the community.

Catoosa is known for the Blue Whale and Route 66, but this weekend it will also help showcase Native American art. The Route 66 Native Arts Alliance wanted to support artists after the pandemic, and they put on several shows to do just that.

“We want a Santa Fe Indian Art Market right here in Catoosa, Oklahoma,” said Crystal Hanna, Cherokee pot artist.

It is a group of people who know how to organize an event suitable for all, at all ages.

“I just want people to recognize the high quality of artwork – Native American artwork. And why do I say Native American artwork? Because I’m Native American. I’m Cherokee. of my culture Every Native American artist will say your art is our connection to our culture and our history, ”Hanna said.

There is an art exhibition and a private concert on Friday evenings. A musician named Becky Hobbs came from Nashville to perform a song she wrote called “Destination Catoosa”.

“On the paintings I use a lot of movement, a lot of colors and each one has a title and a story behind it,” said artist Clancy Gray.

There will be more art exhibitions and the Cherokee Street Fair on Saturday with food trucks and entertainment.

You can find the program of the event here.


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