Two Moons horror comic explores Native American culture this Halloween



From writer John Arcudi and artist Valerio Giangiordano, Two Moons’ upcoming story arc will explore more Native American culture this Halloween.

Two moons, a historic horror comic in progress, will begin a new story arc that further explores Native American culture. The Picture comics the series begins its next story arc with number six, which will be released around Halloween. Two moons is written by John Arcudi (BPRD, Wonder Woman: black and gold) with illustrations by Valerio Giangiordano (Savage avengers, Jessica Jones: blind spot).

Image has already published five issues of this historical horror series, which is collected in the commercial paperback Two Moons, Vol. 1: The iron slipknot. This trade will be available in comic book stores on August 18, 2021, followed by bookstores on August 24, 2021. Set during the Civil War, “Two Moons” refers to Private Pawnee Virgil Morris. He fights for the Union and tries to leave his legacy behind. However, he discovers that things are not that simple. Along with her new friend and nurse Frances Shaw, the two find themselves facing an evil even more frightening than war. The series takes on supernatural elements as Virgil experiments with visions and ghosts, which has led to the series gaining critical acclaim.


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Picture comics call the new story arc for Two moons a good starting point for new readers, focusing once again on Virgil Morris and the aftermath of the Indian wars. Now a Pawnee Shaman, he reunites with Frances Shaw as the two prepare for another disaster. Discussing the book, Giangiordano (who recently dabbled in body horror with the intense frightening Darkhold: Iron Man # 1 cover) explained: “This new story arc allows me to discover and study more and more the fascinating culture of Native Americans that I did not know. For me, it is a fantastic experience to bring this ‘world’ to life.” In addition to Giangiordano’s main cover, there will also be a Ryan Sook cover variant.

Two Moons # 6 Cover A

Two Moons # 6 Cover B

While historical horror comics are by no means new, it is rare that comics in most genres focus on the plight of Native Americans. Although Marvel has made strides in this direction with books like Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices (which notably features not only indigenous characters but also an indigenous creative team) and introducing an indigenous Captain America. Focusing on the very real Indian wars, Two moons offers a unique opportunity to see the horrific consequences this event had on the native peoples of the American plains, presenting readers with real historical events they have probably never heard of before.

Arcudi was inspired to write Two Moons because of the history of indigenous people in the 19th century, and it will be interesting to see how the series continues to unravel this complicated story in addition to adding supernatural elements. The sixth issue of Two moons, which launches the second story arc, will be in comic book stores on October 27, 2021.

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